Pay It 4ward: Author Nicholas Aragon Curly Crow honored for supporting children’s literacy

Spreading the Joy of Literacy: A Thank You to KOB4 and the Pay It 4ward Crew

The TV crew at KOB4 Albuquerque, New Mexico, recently showcased Nicholas Aragon's selfless efforts in a heartwarming Pay It 4ward segment. They recognized him not only as an author but as a true New Mexican dedicated to promoting literacy among children. The sentiment went beyond mere literacy advocacy; Aragon's genuine love for children and desire to witness their success shone through.

Watch here

To further support Aragon's cause, the Pay It 4ward crew generously gifted him $400, acknowledging the impact of his contributions to the community. This act of kindness, caught on camera, serves as a testament to the power of collaboration and the ripple effect of goodwill.

Nicholas Aragon's commitment to promoting literacy doesn't end with his books. Anyone interested in inviting him for readings or seeking to bring Curly Crow's adventures into their schools or centers can easily reach out to him at 505-226-1226. This open invitation extends beyond a simple book distribution; it's an opportunity for communities to engage with an author dedicated to sparking the joy of reading in young minds.

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