50 Years of Dedication at Ambrose Barbershop

50 Years of Dedication at Ambrose Barbershop

Curly Crow's Tale of Transformation: A Tribute to Gerald Aragon's 50 Years of Dedication at Ambrose Barbershop.

In the bustling city of Albuquerque, nestled within its vibrant community, lies a barbershop that has become a true institution. Ambrose Barbershop, owned and operated by the esteemed Gerald Aragon, has been a pillar of the city for an impressive 50 years. This legacy of exceptional service and community spirit is not only commemorated in the hearts of those who frequent the barbershop but has also been immortalized in the latest bestseller from the Curly Crow Children's book series by Nicholas Aragon.

Nicholas Aragon, the creative mind behind the beloved Curly Crow series, recently dedicated his 2024 bestseller, "Curly Crow Gets a Haircut," to his father, Gerald Aragon. The book serves as a heartfelt tribute to Gerald's remarkable half-century of cutting hair and contributing to the cultural fabric of Albuquerque.

Growing up in the buzzing atmosphere of Ambrose Barbershop, Nicholas recalls fond memories of spending his summers at work with his dad. Gerald, a seasoned barber with an enduring passion for his craft, instilled in Nicholas a love for community and dedication to service. The barbershop was named after Gerald's late father, Ambrose Aragon, who also played a significant role in the family business.

In the spirit of family and hard work, Gerald would pay Nicholas a humble quarter for sweeping the cut hair after each customer. Nicholas also played a role in running quick errands for his grandfather Ambrose, fetching coffee and donuts. These early experiences cultivated a strong work ethic and a deep appreciation for the tradition of barbering that ran in the Aragon family.

Ambrose Aragon, who cut hair for an impressive 63 years, laid the foundation for the family legacy. Though he is no longer with us, his spirit lives on in the daily operations of Ambrose Barbershop, where Gerald continues to provide exceptional service. The barbershop operates strictly by appointments, a testament to its enduring popularity, and is open Tuesday through Saturday from 7 am to 7 pm.

Nicholas Aragon proudly shares his experiences of having the same barber his entire life, just like hundreds of other loyal customers who can attest to the quality of service at Ambrose Barbershop. Booking an appointment at this iconic establishment may require some patience, with wait times extending up to two weeks, but the experience is well worth it.

"Curly Crow Gets a Haircut" is a delightful addition to the Curly Crow Children's book series. The story revolves around a young crow named Curly Crow who adores her curly feathers but faces a predicament when her vision becomes obstructed during flight. The book explores themes of courage and transformation as Curly, with her father by her side, embarks on the brave journey of getting her first haircut. Order your copy...click here.

Nicholas Aragon's decision to dedicate this particular book to his father is a touching gesture, encapsulating the essence of family, tradition, and the enduring impact of Ambrose Barbershop on the community. As Gerald celebrates his 50th jubilee of cutting hair, "Curly Crow Gets a Haircut" stands as a literary tribute, immortalizing the Aragon family's commitment to excellence in service and the vibrant tapestry of Albuquerque's cultural heritage.

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