Discover the Magic of New Mexico with Nicholas Aragon

Discover the Magic of New Mexico with Nicholas Aragon

Discover the Magic of New Mexico with Nicholas Aragon and His Curly Crow Series

Nicholas Aragon, a name that's swiftly becoming synonymous with captivating children's literature, comes from the heart of Albuquerque, New Mexico. This talented author has successfully launched the enchanting Curly Crow Children's Series, a seven-book saga that has been inspiring young minds since its debut in 2021.

A Homegrown Talent

Born and raised in Albuquerque, Nicholas Aragon has deep roots in the Land of Enchantment. He pursued his education within the state, earning both his undergraduate and master’s degrees from local institutions. His commitment to New Mexico extends beyond his educational journey; Aragon works in higher education administration while nurturing his passion for writing. His dedication to his home state is reflected in every page of his books, which beautifully encapsulate the essence of New Mexico. Learn here.

The Curly Crow Series: A New Mexico Adventure

Curly Crow LLC, is a small business based in New Mexico, and each story in the Curly Crow series is imbued with the local flavor and culture. This series has not only captured the hearts of young readers but also brought significant attention to New Mexico's small businesses. Each tale in the series serves as a vibrant postcard from New Mexico, filled with adventures that are native to the region. Explore the Curly Crow here.

Inspiring Young Minds

Aragon's passion for storytelling is matched by his dedication to inspiring the next generation. He regularly visits elementary schools, sharing his journey and encouraging students to follow their dreams. Aragon firmly believes in the power of inspiration, stating, “If only one kid takes away something that changes the way they think about who they are and what they’re capable of, then that’s what it’s all about.” His visits are a beacon of hope and motivation for many young readers. Learn here.

A Prolific Author

In just three years, Nicholas Aragon has penned eight books, with six of them available in Spanish translations, broadening his reach to a more diverse audience. His storytelling prowess is not confined to the Curly Crow series alone. Aragon is also working on an exciting new series about two stray Boston Terriers named Rooger and Loki, perfect for young dog lovers. With five more books planned for this series, there's plenty to look forward to. Learn here.

Upcoming Releases

The Curly Crow series is far from over. Aragon has plans for two more additions: Curly Crow Goes to the Airport and Curly Crow's Family Feast, both expected to release just in time for the holiday season. These new adventures promise to continue the magical journey that has already enchanted so many young readers.

Connecting with Readers

While Nicholas primarily conducts school visits within New Mexico, he is open to virtual visits for those in other states. This flexibility ensures that his inspirational messages and captivating stories can reach a broader audience.

For more information or to schedule a visit, you can contact Nicholas Aragon through his website at

A Message to Parents and Young Readers

Nicholas Aragon’s message to all young readers and book lovers is clear: keep reading. He encourages kids to find something they enjoy and make reading a daily habit. Reading, he says, is exercise for the brain, and trying new things is essential for discovering one’s strengths. And for parents, Aragon encourages you to lead by example. He says, if your kids see you reading they will be more likely to pick up a book. Also, it is never to early or late to read to your kids! Create memories and develop a bond that is only formed during storytime.  


Nicholas Aragon's dedication to his craft and his community is truly inspiring. Through his Curly Crow series and his upcoming Boston Terrier books, he continues to inspire young minds, one story at a time. His work not only entertains but also educates, instilling a love for reading and a sense of pride in New Mexico’s rich culture. 

So, whether you're a young reader eager for adventure or an adult looking to introduce a child to the joys of reading, Nicholas Aragon’s books are a perfect choice. Dive into the magical world of Curly Crow and discover the wonders of New Mexico today!

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