How to Read with Your Kids on Vacation: Nurturing Little Minds While Exploring the World

How to Read with Your Kids on Vacation: Nurturing Little Minds While Exploring the World

How to Read with Your Kids on Vacation: Nurturing Little Minds While Exploring the World


Are you planning a vacation with your little ones? Maybe you are headed to Albuquerque New Mexico to see the Hot Air Balloons. While vacations are often filled with excitement and adventure, it's important to maintain a sense of routine, especially when it comes to reading. As parents, we know the invaluable impact reading has on our children's development. Join us as we explore the art of reading with your kids on vacation, and discover how a simple routine can foster their love for books, no matter where in the world you may be.

Amidst the sandy beaches, bustling theme parks, and breathtaking landscapes, don't forget to pack a little magic that fits easily into your suitcase: the power of reading. Whether you're jet-setting to a tropical paradise or embarking on a cross-country road trip through New Mexico, carving out time for reading with your kids on vacation is a priceless gift that will create cherished memories and nurture their growing minds.

  1. Prioritize Reading as Part of Your Routine:

While vacations are a break from the usual routine, it's important to maintain consistency by incorporating reading into your daily schedule. Begin by designating a specific time each day for reading with your kids. This could be during a quiet morning in the hotel room, on a shady spot at the beach, or even before bed. Consistency is key, as it helps establish a reading routine that children can rely on, regardless of the changing scenery.

  1. Pack Books Suited for Travel:

When it comes to choosing books for vacation, consider the practicality of their size and weight. Opt for lightweight and compact books that are easy to carry in your bag or backpack. Board books, picture books, and interactive books with flaps or touch-and-feel elements are excellent choices for young toddlers. Remember to select a variety of books to cater to their interests and keep them engaged throughout the trip. Click here for books from Curly Crow.

  1. Utilize Travel Time:

Whether you're traveling by car, plane, or train, capitalize on these moments to read with your children. Pack a small bag or backpack with a selection of their favorite books, and encourage them to choose a few to bring on the journey. Reading during travel not only keeps them entertained but also helps alleviate any restlessness and makes the journey more enjoyable for everyone.

  1. Explore Local Libraries and Bookstores:

Take advantage of the opportunity to immerse your children in the local literary scene. Research and locate libraries or bookstores in your vacation destination. Many libraries offer special programs for kids, such as storytime sessions or reading circles. Visiting these places not only introduces your little ones to new books but also exposes them to different reading environments and connects them with other book-loving children.

  1. Turn Sightseeing into Storytelling:

As you explore new places and encounter unique landmarks, transform your surroundings into the backdrop of imaginative stories. Encourage your kids to observe their surroundings and create narratives inspired by what they see. This interactive storytelling experience will not only fuel their creativity but also deepen their connection to the places they visit.

  1. Involve the Whole Family:

Reading shouldn't be limited to parent-child interactions. Get the whole family involved by taking turns reading aloud or having older siblings read to the younger ones. This fosters a sense of shared experience and reinforces the importance of reading within the family unit. It also provides an opportunity for older children to practice their reading skills while nurturing a sense of responsibility and bonding with their younger siblings.


While vacations are a break from the ordinary, they shouldn't be a break from the joys of reading. By incorporating reading into your vacation routine, you provide your children with a sense of comfort, consistency, and intellectual stimulation. Whether it's through exploring local libraries, turning sightseeing into storytelling, or simply dedicating daily reading time, you have the power to create a nurturing and enriching environment for your children, no matter where your vacation takes you. 

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