Making Science Soar: A Family Guide to the Balloon Festival in Albuquerque New Mexico

Making Science Soar: A Family Guide to the Balloon Festival in Albuquerque New Mexico

Albuquerque New Mexico is home to Green Chili Breakfast Burritos, Hot Air Balloons and Curly Crow.

I have been attending the Balloon Festival for the past 40 years and each year feels like the first. Find out how to make this festival a lasting memory for your kids (want to read article 1 of here)

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The New Mexico Balloon Festival is a breathtaking spectacle of colors, shapes, and science that has captured the hearts of people young and old for decades. For parents, it offers a unique opportunity to introduce their kids to the wonders of hot air balloons and the science behind them. In this blog, we'll explore how this annual event can create lasting memories for young children and provide valuable educational experiences. We'll also introduce you to the enchanting children's book, "Curly Crow Goes to the Balloon Festival" by Nicholas Aragon, which can serve as a delightful souvenir and educational tool.

The New Mexico Balloon Festival: A Spectacular Learning Experience

The New Mexico Balloon Festival is the largest balloon festival in the world, attracting hundreds of hot air balloons from across the globe. As parents, you can turn this event into a memorable learning experience for your children. Here's how:

  1. Science of Hot Air Balloons: Begin by explaining the science behind hot air balloons. Teach your kids about the principles of buoyancy and how the heated air inside the balloon makes it rise. You can find kid-friendly resources online or in books to simplify the concepts.

  2. Shapes and Colors: Hot air balloons come in various shapes and colors. Encourage your children to identify and appreciate these differences. This can be a fun game to play while watching the balloons ascend into the sky.

  3. Weather and Flight: Discuss how weather conditions affect balloon flights. Explain why balloons take off early in the morning or late in the evening when the air is cooler and more stable. This provides an excellent opportunity to introduce basic meteorological concepts.

  4. Hands-On Learning: Many balloon festivals offer interactive exhibits and educational programs for kids. Take advantage of these opportunities to engage your children in hands-on learning about aeronautics and aviation.

Introducing "Curly Crow Goes to the Balloon Festival"

Nicholas Aragon's "Curly Crow Goes to the Balloon Festival" is a charming children's book that beautifully complements the Balloon Festival experience. It follows the adventures of Curly Crow as she explores the festival, making friends with balloons of all shapes and sizes. Through Curly Crow's journey, children can learn about the magic of hot air balloons and the joy of discovery.

This book is not only an entertaining read but also an excellent souvenir to commemorate your visit to the Balloon Festival. The vivid illustrations and engaging storytelling will captivate children aged 4-8, making it a perfect addition to their bookshelf.

Creating Lasting Memories

Attending the New Mexico Balloon Festival can be a magical experience for children. It's an event that combines entertainment, education, and the joy of exploration. Here are some tips to ensure your visit is memorable:

  1. Early Bird Special: Arrive at the festival early in the morning to witness the mass ascension of balloons as the sun rises. This is a magical sight that your kids will never forget.

  2. Balloon Rides: While not always available to the public, consider taking your children on a tethered balloon ride if the opportunity arises. It's a unique chance to feel the sensation of floating above the ground.

  3. Interactive Zones: Seek out the interactive zones designed for kids. These areas often feature educational exhibits, games, and activities related to ballooning and science.

  4. Souvenirs: Don't forget to pick up a copy of "Curly Crow Goes to the Balloon Festival" to relive the experience and continue the learning journey at home. Buy here.


The New Mexico Balloon Festival is a spectacular event that offers a wealth of educational opportunities for children. By exploring the science behind hot air balloons, appreciating the artistry of balloon designs, and enjoying the adventures of Curly Crow through Nicholas Aragon's book, you can make this festival a lasting memory for your kids. Curly Crow hopes to inspire parents to create unforgettable experiences and ignite a lifelong passion for science and exploration in their children. Remember, Curly Crow LLC is not affiliated with the Balloon Festival, but their book is a delightful addition to your family's Balloon Festival adventure.

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